short sleeve

Our shirts are great in the heat, so customers often ask why we don't offer short sleeves.

In the beginning we did, but quickly realized that offering both long and short in our tiny production runs (just 10-50 pieces of a style in six sizes) meant a useless inventory.

Style-wise, we like the look of the long sleeve rolled up.  They're also great under sweaters in the winter.  And one can always shorten a long sleeve.

So thanks to a suggestion from Tim in South Florida, we're adding a new service.

For $20/unit we'll send you a label to return your shirt to our factory, convert it to our handsome cuffed design, and mail it back.

We'll do this for new or existing shirts - they have to be Seaplanes, though, because two years ago we designed the sleeve for convertibility.

Contact us here to discuss your order.