Tommy Wang's winning FB post

OK, I have to say that I am only on Facebook once in a blue moon. Like maybe really only once a year when it comes time to invite former students of my partner to our annual holiday party for alumna (so if you are reading this, drop a line). Well, I had to 'Like' Seaplane Shirts since it was a 'challenge', and since I've gotten lots of great comments from people about the shirts I wear from Seaplane. I discovered Seaplane way back when, in April 2013, when I got my first two shirts from the shopping site FAB. Sorry for the plug there for them, but they did get me started. But since then, I have shopped on the Seaplane site and have acquired more to my arsenal of fabulous shirts. In fact, when Schuyler posted a request for help at DC pride in 2014, I jumped at the chance to help out, and get a shirt or two, well actually three it turned out. And I had a friend come down who got four. Well, at least one was for me eventually. Who wouldn't ask for more shirts from Seaplane?!!! Just yesterday as I was wrapping presents for the coming holiday, I decided I should see how many Seaplane shirts I currently owned. It turns out that it is now at 13 (I think, provided some aren't in the laundry). And I've bought several more as gifts over the years, not sure how many, but I'm giving away more this season. And I know that I am getting at least another one or two from others. And truth be told, I bought myself another three on sale. I just can't stop. So, now I own 16 with at least two more coming! YEAH!!! And the new Cruise line is so great, I'm going to have to spend my spare (haha) funds on a couple of them if there are any left once the full line is revealed. Curses to you Schuyler for making the funnest shirts on the planet ! You have me as a customer, for myself and friends, for LIFE !!! Keep them coming and I'll keep on buying. So for the rest of you, GO TO SEAPLANE SHIRTS AND GET YOURSELF SOMETHING FABULOUS !!! THAT'S AN ORDER !!!

Cheers, and for everyone out there...

(Happy Kwanzaa Hanukkah Ramadan)

Harry Kwa wali Hanu mas adan stice !

(Merry Diwali Christmas Solstice)

Tommy Wang


Note from Seaplane: And one more shirt makes 14!

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