Hi there,

I know this is a "no," but I was wondering if there is ANY way I could get a Pink Persimmon shirt in small.  The website says you are sold out, but just wanted to check.  I have wanted that one for a long time but was saving so I could get a shirtificate. I knew I should not have waited.

I found your site/products through gaypon/the daily deal and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  I have already purchased 4 and I just now bought the shirtificate.  The shirts have actually kinda become "my style," which I love.  I have always loved bright, fun patterns but (as I believe you have stated) it is very difficult to find such items in men's clothing.

Here is a story I love.  I wore "orange dream" to a body building competition, and I had four random people tell me they liked my shirt (!!!)  I just thought that was a HUGE statement for your product - that bodybuilders in the midst of competition would comment on fashion.  LOL!

I am hoping you have a spare persimmon someplace there, but if you don't, no worries.  I just wanted to be sure I exhausted all of the chances.  LOL!  I know I will find more that I love.

Thanks so much,


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