Chiefly innovative

"Call me," said the voicemail from a client who was recently appointed chief innovation officer for a sizable consumer electronics firm. "I've got a great Seaplane story."

The previous week, the client said, he'd been speaking with his boss about priorities for his new role.

"You're not gonna wear a shirt like that?" asked the boss, a straight-shooting East Coast finance guy.

"Actually," said the client, "I have several."  And they went on to talk about other things.

A few days later my client called me.  During an executive offsite, while his CEO described our client's role, he showed a picture of the client and commented on his innovative Seaplane shirt.  "Almost every time I wear Seaplane to work," said the client, "there are comments about innovation in direct correlation to the shirts."

"Thanks," concluded the client, "for helping to get creative, innovative juices flowing at work."

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  • Anonymous

    And just this morning the client’s company instituted a ‘crazy shirt Friday’, inspired, it was said, by our client’s ‘daring fashion selections’!

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