Is your $69 Seaplane worth $700?


Chad Frazier here.  You gave me the Royal Flush shirt for my review/story of the Mystery Japenese Pink shirt I sold at a fundraiser last year.

I'm writing to update you on those shirts.  So, we had our little league fundraiser this year and as it was getting close, some friends and I were discussing the "shirt sale" the previous year.  While we were talking I suggested we invite the guy who bought the Japanese Pink shirt last year to bring it back and ask him to resell it this year.  My thought being it would turn into something people could buy, take on adventures, then bring back with stories and re-auction to create an ongoing event every year.

The gentleman who had bought the shirt last year agreed to the plan and I filled in the emcee the night of the auction.  So, about half-way through the event as things were at a bit of a lull John, the emcee, has Joe, who's wearing the shirt, come up on stage.  John explains the plan and starts the bidding.  I was sitting up front and was thinking it'd be nice to get a couple hundred bucks.  They blew through that in the first two bids.  As my friends and I sat there smiling, the price for the shirt went to $300 then $500, by the time it was done the shirt sold for $700.  I was ecstatic.  Myself and Joe both signed the shirt and Johnny, the buyer, promised to come back with stories.

As the evening wound down, I was heading for the door when a friend of mine stopped me and asked why I was still wearing a shirt.  I laughed saying, "I already sold one shirt tonight." She said the Japanese Pink was okay but my current shirt was much cooler.  I was wearing the Royal Flush I had won and said, yeah, it was a great shirt.  She asked if I'd sell that one for charity and I told her I had already turned down $200 for the shirt earlier.  She said she'd pay $250 for the shirt right then.  Well, what can I say?  I grabbed the emcee, we collected the cash and I gave her my shirt. 

There you go.  I've now left the little league fundraiser shirtless two years in a row, but I really wanted to say "thanks" for such a great product.  Your shirts have helped raise $1220 for the kids in our town and that is completely awesome.


Chad Frazier 

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